Beautiful dress made crochet point zig zag - free step by step


Hello girls, how about this crochet zig zag crochet dress, I'm completely in love with it and I hope you enjoy it too. I will show you how to make a different crochet stitch that is called riple or zig zag with a pattern, follow the tutorial and a step by step. This famous crocheted dress had long occupied women's wardrobes, a piece that was forgotten for a while returned with full force to the catwalks and also to social parties. It can be worn in any temperature station every detail of this dress has left me in love with it, this model depending on the country in which you find becomes fashionable. So if you do not already have the model in the closet, it's time to put the needles to move and do it.

Follow a beautiful crochet dress with riplle point you should follow the tutorial and step by step and also graphics that will help us. The models are varied ranging from pieces of more size, long, short and with different types of gloves and necklines. The graphics help the time follow the point used in the model and with lots of inspiration to go up and up to create a unique piece. Let's make the dress crochet riplle point. Follow the tutorial and the video standard so that you come to make this beautiful work of art in dress. Girls the crochet is wonderful, every day that passes I have fallen in love with this works of art and when I find something like this on the internet, I am very happy to be able to do and share, do not worry because this site has enough material for you to fall in love too, so do not waste time and let's do these beautiful crochet work together. Crochet work has become a trend in the world of hajê, because it has become something comfortable to use in everyday life, besides being beautiful and very charming pieces people are using at all times and events, I hope it continues in this growing, because every day I've learned a lot.

The graphics give a broader view of how to make this zig zag points and you will fall in love with it, pay attention to the crochet graphics:

Material to be used:

• Line (Nov. 500m): November 2nd. in each of the colors 01.368 (blue), 00187 (green)

00368 (brown) and 0000B (white).

• Ag. For crochet chain plated in Milward steel 1.25 mm.

Abbreviations and points used: p. - Score; g. - needle; in November - ball; carr. - Career; j. - Together;

representative. - Repetition; throw. - To destroy; Works. - Works; P. - low point; p.bx. - extremely low point; corr. - Small chain; per year - high point; PICO - 3 corr. 1 and p.b. the first of these corr .; P. fantasy: follow the diagrams and explanations below; finishing nozzles - following the respective diagram. striped sequence: 3 carr. Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. Brown, 1 carr. green; 1 carr. m.p. 1 carr. green, 3 carr. brown, 3 carr. in white, 3 carr. inside Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 1 carr. green; 1 carr. of m.p.

In blue; 1 carr. green, 3 carr. brown, 3 carr. in white, 3 carr. Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. inside brown, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 1 carr. Green, 1 carr. blue, 1 carr. green, 3 carr. inside brown * 3 carr. in white, 3 carr. Green, 2 carr. blue, 1 carr. brown, 1 carr. blue, 1 carr. inside of m.p.

Mode of Execution

Note - the dress is Job. Top to bottom on p. fantasy and accompaniment of stripes.

Shovel:. With the green line, mount 180 corr, next circle with 1 b.bx. and the following diagram P. fantasy (to increase). Trab. increasing as follows: 3 times in ref. of carr., 1 representative. Carr. without increase and then another 1 rep. Carr. to increase. Follow without rises. In the twentieth carr. from the start (= 2nd green car), mark the change in carr. like the center of one shoulder. Separate work as follows, starting with the carr .: 2.5 rep. half sleeve 5 ref. for the back, 5 rep. for 1 handle, 5 rep. front and 2.5 ref. complete the remainder first leg.

Back and front: below the representative 10. back and front in carr. Circular. Run 2 rep. Carr. with Increase and continue straight. From 36th place. from the beginning, back to Job. the representatives. Carr. and * 1 representative. with increase 1 rep. * without increase of 4 times. Sleeve: Work. the mango in carr. Circular: Continue straight for 15 carr. (Approximately 9 cm), then press p. fantasy with increases. When you reach the next * colors, work. 2 more carr. white as indicated p.a.

The p in the diagram. fantasy with raises and tack. 1 with carr. of the blank mp.

Finishing Finishing

All over the neckline with 3 carr. the white finishing touches running in total 20 rep., Following the pattern of the nozzles. Tip: Be sure to follow the action of the part while working. If necessary, do more or less increases depending on the point of each tensioning artisan. Take this suggestion and create your own visual colors with a wide range of colors. For larger sizes, just start off with the neckline and adjust the height as you like.

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