Crochet or Barbell Rug +150 Photos With Videos and Footsteps


Who does not have a crochet at home? Or remember that crochet rug she had at her mother's or her grandmother's? Crochet today may not be as present in homes as it was a few years ago. But this only made crochet or string carpets ever more sophisticated and a very charming decorative object. Bed paths, sets for the bathroom, picture frames, crochet rug for the kitchen, for the living room, or in decorative objects, the options are many and embellish any environment. String rugs are a great example of beautiful and handsome work with creativity left over for the decor of your home. It may seem a bit tricky or time consuming at first to learn how to crochet, however over time it gets easier and faster, gradually you are catching on to practice and adapting to the required manual labor.

There are those who look for crochet rug just to apply in the decoration of their home, but there is also to market this work, after all a manual design, if done well, can yield good money to supplement the income or even if the main source of income of the family.

I am delighted with this crochet rug model for the bathroom, it will make the environment more pleasant, it can be used for decoration of the bedroom and other environments. 

The following graphics explains all the points and paths to follow, be sure to follow the step by step of this wonderful pattern.

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It is not enough to want to make this model of a rug for the bathroom, the pattern crochet attracts you in other ways that when you realize you will be in love with this art, I want to leave you all the most beautiful things I find and do in crochet for you to acquire the knowledge and over the years make your next projects in crochet.

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