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Have you ever thought about making beautiful crocheted blankets and making some extra money? If you like to crochet, there are several places where you can sell your handmade blankets. 

Today's tutorial is of a beautiful, handmade crocheted blanket that will have you completely enamored.

A crocheted blanket is hard work, so keep in mind that the price you are charged should do justice to your time and material. Instead, the selling price is determined by the demand for the product and the market.

You should also keep in mind that crochet is a seasonal activity. Although you can sell your creations all year round, most sales occur during the fall and winter seasons.

These times will bring in the most money, and you will be selling warm, wooly items that will be in demand all year round.

When it comes to pricing, you can choose to make them low-priced items or sell them at a profit. When starting out, it is best to experiment with different types of items and see what works for you. 

Once you have decided on the type of items you want to sell, you will need to create a tabletop display and an inventory of finished items. You will also need to decide how much you are willing to charge. 

You may want to charge more for some of your products than others, but remember that you are selling something that you are passionate about. That is the best part of selling handmade products.

Another way to sell your crocheted blankets is to participate in a local craft fair. Craft fairs usually require you to pay a small fee and set up your booth. 

If you are new to this business, it is best to get an idea of the market for your products before you make a decision. Then you can start looking for a place to sell your crocheted blankets.

Before you start selling, make a table display, create a stock of finished items, and decide how much you want to charge for your creations. You can offer your handmade items to friends and family, but you will need to have a strong plan for pricing and marketing your products.

Creating a tabletop display is essential for a successful sale. There are many options available for selling handmade products.

There are many opportunities to sell your crocheted products. You can set up a booth and sell your items to local customers. 

If you are a beginner, you can sell your items at a local craft fair. If you have never sold your products before, it is best to find a craft fair in your area first. You can even set up a small table at a craft fair to promote your handmade products.

When you have finished your blankets, it is time to start thinking about prices. You will need to create a table display that displays them well. 

Learning to crochet is passionate and can provide you with income stability today. After a few years in the market I quit my CLT job, I live exclusively from the pieces I make.

The cool thing about crochet is exactly the mix of products that it provides you in learning, you here today with us will learn how to make a crochet blanket, but you can invest your time in learning so many other tutorials, such as clothing, shoes, decorative items, scarves, scarves and everything you want.

Most crocheted items are valued for the time it takes to make them. Before selling your handmade items, you should consider the market for your items. 

If you are a beginner, you will probably crochet slower than a more experienced crocheter, so you will have to adjust your price accordingly. 

It is important to emphasize that all beginnings are in fact very difficult, but do not give up, be patient, invest time in learning, here on the site many cool contents that will teach you from start to finish, how to build several cool pieces in crochet.

Now let's do it together? 

Today you will learn one more step by step and an amazing piece all worked in crochet.


CHAIN 139 with plum wine. This is a multiple of 3, plus 1 (3+ 1 is the pattern repeat).

ROW 1: 1 DC into 4th CH from hook, *SK next 2 CHs, 3 DC into next CH, repeat * ending with 2 DC into last CH, turn.

ROW 2: CH 3, 1 DC into next DC, (CH 3 counts as first DC), *CH 2, DC3TOG, repeat from * ending with CH 2, DC into next DC, DC into top of turning chain, pulling through with new color just before you finish the DC.

ROW 3: CH 3, 3 DC in the CH 2 space between the last DC3TOG and 2 DC of the previous row, *3 DC into next CH 2 space,  repeat from * ending with 1 DC in top of the turning chain.

ROW 4: CH 4, (counts as 1 DC and 1 CH), *DC3TOG in top of each 3 DC of previous row, CH 2, repeat from * across and end with CH 1, DC into top of CH 3 turning chain, pulling through with new color.

ROW 5: CH 3, 1 DC into DC (the base of the ch 3, the top of the last DC you made), *3 DC in next CH 2 space, repeat from * across ending with 2 DC into the top of 3rd chain of the turning chain.

ROW 6: CH 3, 1 DC into the next DC, *CH 2, DC3TOG, repeat from * ending with CH 2, DC into next DC, DC into 3rd of ch 3 pulling through with new color just before you finish the stitch.

Here are the color changes:

6 rows Plum Wine, 6 rows White, 6 rows Light Country Peach, 6 rows Soft Pink, 6 rows Pumpkin, 6 rows Soft Pink, 6 rows Light Country Peach, 6 rows White, 6 rows Plum Wine


Before you start the border, please take the time to weave in all the ends. I do this by working them in and around the work with the tapestry needle for at least 6 inches of the tail. I like them to be secure. I do not crochet over the ends anymore as a way of saving time. They do not stay secure. 

ROUND 1: With the white color, start in a bottom right-hand corner that will have you work up one side. Pull up a loop and SC in that space. (Around a DC post actually.) Work 2 SC around each DC post running up the side of the blanket. Try and do this as evenly as possible. CH 1 and turn.

ROUND 2: SC in the first chain space, *CH 3, SK two spaces, SC in the next. Repeat from * to the end of the row. (It’s totally okay that when you get to the end of the row you might only skip over one space or have an extra at the very last. I’m not a mathie and couldn’t bring myself to figure it out exactly.)

ROUND 3: CH 1 and turn. SL ST (slip stitch) into the CH 3 space. *CH 5, DC5TOG Cluster in the 4th chain from the hook, DC5TOG Cluster in the 5th chain from the hook. SL ST the posts together. SL ST into the same CH 3 space, SL ST into the next CH space. Repeat from * to the end of the row.

Tie off and weave in the ends.

Follow this complete video tutorial below for a better visualization and practice of this wonderful crochet stitch.

Thanks for being here, I love to share wonderful works in pattern crochet! you can see other great color options for new inspirations!

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